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Vehicle Crime: The Facts


  • Every 6 minutes, a vehicle is stolen in the UK*
  • Over 50% of stolen vehicles are never recovered**
  • Vehicles are often stolen to order and shipped abroad
    * Source: IAATI UK
    **Source: Europol
  • With one of our Vehicle Tracking systems fitted, you will always know where your vehicle is and it can be safely recovered within a couple of hours, sometimes within minutes of being stolen.  
  • Contact us now to find out about protecting your vehicle.

Vodafone Automotive vehicle tracking systems use the latest GPS and GSM technology, providing pinpoint accuracy and unparalleled service levels. Police liaison is conducted in local language through a network of Secure Operating Centres across 44 European countries. Our array of vehicle tracking systems range from our entry level solution, Vodafone Protect & Connect, to our insurance accredited systems, Vodafone Protect & Connect 6 and Vodafone Protect & Connect 5.

Our Vehicle Tracking Products

Protect & Connect entry system

The newest entry level vehicle tracking system, Protect & Connect, uses the latest theft tracking technology by Vodafone Automotive, giving you the ability to

  • always check the current vehicle location,
  • see historical journey information
  • set a geofence area.
  • As well as a number of other functions using the included web and mobile app. 
Protect & Connect 6

Protect & Connect 6

Our middle of the range tracking package includes all the benefits of Protect & Connect plus the following:

  • Tow-away alert – triggered when motion is detected with the ignition switched off
  • Tamper alert – activated when the system battery is disconneted or discharged or the wiring is cut
  • GSM jamming alert – triggered when an attempt is made to jam the GSM signal
  • Thatcham ‘CAT6’ accredited
Protect & Connect 5

Protect & Connect 5

This is our top of the range system, incorporating all the benefits of the Protect & Connect 6 system with the added protection of:

  • Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR)
  • Remote Engine Immobilisation
  • The highest level of insurance accreditation available in the UK – Thatcham ‘CAT5’ accredited

More Information

We have much more information about vehicle trackers for you. Click on the button below to find out more.  Or of course you can always contact us.  We would be glad to hear from you.

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